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Setting Up a New MacBook Pro for Ruby / RoR Development

Install Xcode _or_ just the Xcode command line utitilies (I installed all of Xcode)


Pivotal Labs: soloist gem, pivotal_workstation

errored out on SizeUp

errored out on MacVim

errored out on gem_no_ri_no_rdoc


Mouse Locator defaults to on and captures Ctrl-space. If you’re an emacs user, you’ll know why this is a problem.


Installing ruby-1.8.7 `env CC=/usr/bin/gcc rvm install ruby-1.8.7`


Things I installed manually, but would like to automate:

iTerm2 preference for swapping Cmd and Option AND making “Option” send Esc-+ (meta)

emacs 24 - look at the emacs24 recipe

Installed emacs from emacs 24 dmg